The Training

The Training is a 48-hour intensive experience, skillfully designed to stimulate transformation and growth. The next planned Weekend is November 4-6, 2022.

The Training: By The Numbers

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JIM JAMES: My Morning Jacket

There’s this group. . . they lead retreats to try and help men feel more OK with all the different sides of being a man. I went on one of those retreats because I was so intrigued.


It was f*cking amazing.

About the Training

The Training is a weekend experience where men are provided with practical and foundational tools to use in their everyday lives as they embark on a transformational journey and fulfill their potential.

The training provides the critical skills required to improve leadership, emotional awareness, communication, interpersonal relationships, self confidence, and much more.

These skills allow individuals to experience more meaningful relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Men discover their purpose and meaning, and with the support of others they put this knowledge into action.

What Happens on The Training

  • Separation – FRIDAY NIGHT
    Moving away from the familiar. Team-building, individual and group exercises examine the modern male psyche: accountability, leadership, confrontation, competition.
    An exploration of authentic male emotion, conflict, purpose, and healthy power. Revisiting life history and stories. Connecting to what lies ahead.
    A challenge to embody fully authentic masculinity, to step into power, to break through barriers, and to experience the full potential of mature manhood.
  • Initiation – SATURDAY NIGHT
    Accepting responsibility as a man among men. Exploration of group dynamics, diversity and similarity. A test of solidarity and trust. A welcome into the circle of men.
  • Integration – SUNDAY MORNING
    An exploration of legacy, connection, purpose, relationships and intention. Recognizing connections to nature and humanity.
  • Celebration – SUNDAY AFTERNOON
    A feast of victory, affirmation, laughter, and community. Begin integrating the learning of the weekend. Wrap up and send-off.

AARON TAYLOR: Green Bay Packers

“That was the most powerful 48 hours I’ve ever had in my life. I left that weekend a different person. And what I was able to do through that process was take a good, hard, honest look in the mirror. . . in a way that was safe, in a way that I controlled, in a way that was very healthy.”