The Council

The Young Warrior Council oversees and guides the development of the Young Warrior Constituency in the ManKind Project USA.

The Young Warrior Council

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  • David J. Groves
    David J. Groves CEO
  • Juanita Weed
    Juanita Weed General Manager
  • Catherine Fick
    Catherine Fick Support Staff
  • Bryan M. Melendez
    Bryan M. Melendez Product Manager
  • Carl Paxton
    Carl Paxton CEO
  • Anne J. Downing
    Anne J. Downing CFO

Get Involved

Nominations for the Young Warrior Council are currently closed, however we are always open to hearing from interested men on a rolling basis. If you think you would be a good fit for the council, would like to get more involved, or have questions, please contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

    Yes! Please send me updates about future MKP Ontario events and trainings.

    Council Positions

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    Sets agendas for Council meetings and presides over the meetings.  Sets and oversees the strategic plan and vision of the YWC. Sets goals for growth and development of the YW community. Collaborates with other YWC members to fulfill the YWC’s mission, goals, and objectives. Serves as representative for YW community at national/international MKP gatherings. Other duties as needed.

    Vice Chair

    Assists chair in creating and implementing the strategic plan and vision of the YWC. Oversees YWC meetings when Chair is absent. Spearheads special projects in collaboration with the Chair. Supports YWC members to define and achieve YWC goals. Oversees Nomination Committee for the future YWC. Assists in the duties of any vacant council position. Other duties as needed.


    Records accurate minutes of all official actions of the YWC. Maintains official documents of the YWC, including all adopted proposals and these Bylaws. Makes these records available by appropriate means to all Members. On point for understanding Council’s policies and making sure they are correctly implemented. Takes care of administrative tasks of YWC. Other duties as needed.

    YW NWTA Coordinator

    Recruits centers/areas to put on YW NWTAs and coordinates scheduling of YW NWTAs. Works with local centers/areas to identify leader teams, LKS headman, etc., for YW NWTAs. Actively engages participating centers, leader teams, etc. on the differences between YWs and other men in MKP as it pertains to NWTAs and community. Collects existing enrollment and marketing materials catered to young men and generates new material. Mentors YW NWTA enrollment coordinators and collects enrollment best practices. Other duties as needed.