Testimonials from the Ontario New Warrior Training Adventure November 2017

Testimonials from participants of recent Ontario New Warrior Training Adventures


November 2019


“The weekend, the work, the connection with the male energy at a level I never thought or imagined possible. It was both exhilarating and emotionally fulfilling. I never cried so much, nor have I understood the value and healing principle of my tears as a result of the work and connection with these men. It was life altering for me and has given me a new perspective on who I am as a man. I am grateful to all the men who came before me and gave of their time to make this one of the most enriching weekend experiences. An absolutely wonderful, powerful and freeing adventure!” Tom W


“The NWTA was a highly-experiential weekend that really deepened what I understood about myself, and challenged any misconceptions that I’d had about both myself and my relationships with other men. I highly recommend this weekend for those who are ready to step into the arena and start doing something about our internal programming that don’t always serve us in our relationships.”  Alvin P.


“This experience was one that will be lodged deep into my heart. The support of other men, personal growth and the release of old hurts and pains was what made it amazing. If you are not comfortable with men, if you are feeling lost, if you feel out of sorts…come and attend the NWTA”  Jacob J.M.


“I have had many personal breakthroughs and none have been anything like the NWTA and the Mankind Project. If you are ready, go!”  Collin R.


“I have spent much of my adult life trying to solve what it is to be whole. I’ve done motivational seminars, self help programs and books. All have value, but nothing tied it all together and fueled my spirit the way NWTA. A beautifully choreographed experience. Thank you.”

“Since the MKP weekend I feel much more connected and willing to access the power of my authentic emotions. I have a clearer picture of who I am and a personal mission that has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of my life and of those around me.”


June 2019


“This weekend was very challenging but also well structured for me to look at the work I need to do and frame it in context of: you’re not alone” Étienne D.


“One of the most powerful moments in my life. It was truly a care for the soul… a military training to care for the soul of which the lessons I learned will stay with me has a I continue with the i Group every second Tuesday. I feel more complete has a man … and has a Human Being … Thank you MKP… Aho!” Jean-Claude L.


“The NWTA has allowed me to reclaim my sense of personal power by allowing me to tap into the deepest parts of my spiritual being. I have gained clarity on the deeper aspects of myself and have gained a newfound appreciation and love for myself.” Evan G.


“The immediate impact I’ve noted is a willingness to be vulnerable and a deeper awareness about the feelings coming up for me in any moment, rather than practicing the fine art of retreat and armoring up when I feel hurt or sad, or angry. Simplifying the spectrum of feelings during the weekend has helped me to not spend so much time trying to articulate how I feel and instead name the basic feelings coming up to a partner or colleague or friend, and then choose to go deeper if I want. It’s beautifully empowering and emancipating all at the same time.” Peter P.


“I was a passenger in my own life. After the NWTA I feel more engaged and emotionally present. It is hard to explain the experience but I can’t say enough good things about it.” Mike E


“NWTA impacted me on the basis of personal development engagement and growth as a man among men. If a man is considering NWTA work, he can expect a test of his capacity as a man and how spirit helps in his growth.” D. Goodhue


“This is literally the best damn program out there. When it comes to value for the money it is a stupid equation because the numbers don’t add up to any where near what you get. Stop thinking and researching and just do it. Trust your gut, that voice, that feeling and stop looking around and just do it. Words fall short to the ceremonies, rituals and all the other amazing learning. Stop it right now and sign up then tell no one about it. Do it for you. Do it to become that man that you want in your mind and heart to be!!!!” Alex


“The NWTA connected me to the world of men as I never have been before. Being part of the community in an ongoing sense after the weekend has been priceless. I’m living life again for the first time since I was five years old. I bless all who are in charge and facilitate in this community.” Marcus K.

“I feel, for the first time in my life, like a complete man. The challenges I overcame on the NWTA showed me I can conquer anything, that I am stronger than I thought.” Geoff K.


November 2018


“The NWTA and the Mankind project sees that men can be responsible for creating great suffering or great beauty, regardless of race or orientation. My culture has lost its way of initiating men into a life of purpose and service for the greater good of all life. The Mankind project is a response to that need for initiation and lifting men up, without the innocuous validity of religious doctrines, but through loving and challenging reflection and support. I am so grateful for the NWTA and the men’s group I am a part of, for helping me to live my best life, feel supported in facing my shadows and fears, and for giving me the opportunity to support other men.” Michael M


“Our group was very different on the surface — white, black, young, old, queer, straight — but NWTA honed in immediately and effectively on the thing that we all have in common: the emotional struggles at our core. This weekend gave me the opportunity to work on these challenges individually but backed up by a group of men giving active and ongoing support. It showed me the world is full of kind men, and this allowed me to find some of them.” Jim M.


“I came away from the weekend with a sense of being more grounded in my manhood, and more at peace with my childhood bullying experiences.” David H


“I was a very closed, shy, and introverted before the NWTA. I’m a happier, more open and less self-conscious person now, and much more secure with my masculinity than ever before.” Jeff C.


“I found that the only way to move forward in life is to sep aside from my own way. To do so, I needed to reconnect with my deeply buried young man and suppressed desires. NWTA helped me to make this connection and bring to the surface unresolved roadblocks and move those rocks out of the way. Now I am a much happier and healthier man. Thank you.”


“The NWTA was an eye opening, soul searching, in-depth, enlightening weekend that gives you the opportunity to truly find yourself and motivate you to find your place in the world. It’s your life and NWTA will be a piece to help you make it the best life possible for you and your loved ones.”