We are MKP Ontario within the ManKind Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity.

What We Do


Develop your own
individual leadership
skills. Set yourself on the
path towards
fulfilling your own unique
potential as the leader
you wish to be.


Learn the skills to live a
life of integrity: taking
responsibility for the
consequences of your
choices and actions and
living in alignment with
your values.


Build the skills you need
to live into your
potential – including
relationships, career,
emotional self, purpose,
mission of service, and


Our organization
provides you with a
massive support network
that includes the tools,
resources, and over
50,000 other men to help
you on your journey.

Who We Are

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We are the ManKind Project Ontario, an organization committed to the development of leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity. Our goal is to provide men with the tools, the knowledge, and the support necessary to live a meaningful and successful life.



Different people get involved for different reasons. Some want to develop their own leadership skills. Some crave more accountability in their lives. For others it might be personal exploration, cultivating healthier relationships, developing a stronger sense of purpose, increasing self-confidence. . . the list goes on. If any of this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ManKind Project has been around for 30 years, and over 50,000 men have answered the call.

What New Warriors Are Saying

  • My 'weekend' with MKP happened 12 years ago. And, I have sat with men in 'circle' since then who have been there with me in my search for an emotionally literate and mature masculinity that fits me, by challenging and supporting me in this journey. I have pulled out of my soul during this time, a strong sense of courage and compassion for what I can be in the world: a better partner, a better father, and a man committed to creating strong, diverse, respectful communities locally and internationally. MKP doesn't say they will do this work for me, they provide the space along with the help of other committed men, to permit men to find more confident, emotionally available, and compassionate paths in the world -- a world which needs better men.

    Rob Fegan Brampton, Ontario
  • My NWTA weekend in November 2015 was one of the most important events in my life, next to my wedding and the births of my daughters.  I knew what was stopping me from behaving the way I wanted and needed to behave, but didn't know how I could do it.  The weekend, the wonderful group of supportive, authentic and brave men in my weekly I-group and in the broader MKP membership, have helped me find peace and joy again and a path to becoming the man I want to be.

    Dave Uez Waterloo, Ontario
  • Only when I was immersed in a weekend with only men was I, for the first time in my life, able to appreciate what that really meant to me. The value of this experience is not something I can fully communicate, it is something every man owes himself. What I can say is that in many I have never felt so loved.

    Jeff Clarke Waterloo, Ontario
  • "I did not find out about MKP until I was 66 years old, and it has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I wish someone would have told me about MKP when I was 20 years younger. Imagine ...."

    Henk Ketelaars London, Ontario
  • "I am grateful to MKP as I have experienced heart healing. I have learned to feel my anger in healthy ways and reduced my judgements of others. I have come to love and embrace the awesome man that others have always seen me to be but only recently have I come to love and accept all of ME."

    Bob McMurry Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
  • "Along with getting married and having kids, becoming initiated in the ManKind Project is among the most important events in my life. It changed my life—not instantly, but with work and support, I have become more responsible, resourceful and present; a man of my word, a better communicator, a great husband, father and son, and a leader in all that I do. And .. a whole lot more."

    Tim O’Connor Toronto, Ontario
  • "MKP provides me with a very supportive & loving men's group in which I can grow, be authentic & learn to be a man."

    Paul Davie Barrie, Ontario
  • "MKP has helped me to better understand who I am and what is important to me. With this understanding I can be the best version of myself; the best partner, the best father, the best friend, and just the best man. Through my involvement I have developed many deep friendships with other men and found a place where I can go to remember all that I have to offer this world."

    Ryan Stanga Toronto, Ontario
  • "Since joining Mankind Project in November 9, 2014 I have made huge strides in every area of my life. This includes re-orienting my coaching practice to an online offering at a very low price, enabling companies to offer powerful personal coaching for a very low monthly fee. I also stepped up and took on a new role as a Chair with TEC Canada, the leading CEO executive development organization, which will allow me the opportunity to impact the lives of CEOs, their companies, families and communities. I am living my life fully on purpose, and get to use my gifts every day." 

    Karim H. Ismail Toronto, Ontario
  • "I’ve always believed in investing in myself and taking on opportunities for self development, so attending the New Warrior Training Adventure was an easy decision. As it turned out, the NWTA was the most profound experiences in my life. I learned more about myself that weekend than I did during years of study and seminars. I recommend attending to everyone I meet."

    Jeff Bisset London, Ontario