Men’s Circles

Men’s Circles are designed to provide you with regular support, accountability, and emotional growth to successfully navigate the challenges of your daily life.

About Men’s Circles

Learning any skill requires discipline, dedication, and practice. It takes consistent and intentional effort to foster growth in one’s life.

A Men’s Circle is a place to acquire and practice the skills required to help you develop your own potential – skills like leadership, emotional intelligence, accountability, and integrity. Furthermore, Men’s Circles provide a forum to do this on a regular basis (most circles meet 1-4 times per month), and amongst peers who can provide you with the support and accountability required to sustain consistent and lasting growth.

Many Men’s Circles are open to visitors, whether or not you have completed The Training.

List of Contacts

City Group When Status Location Contact Email Phone
Barrie Soaring Spirit Thursdays Open Barrie, Ontario Mike Barrington
Brantford Grandmen Tuesdays 7 – 9 PM Open 84 Langford Church Rd Robert Feagan
Guelph Guelph Central Group Tuesdays 7 – 9 PM Open 50 Stone Rd E Tim O’Connor
Hamilton Healing Vortex Thursdays 7 – 9 PM Many Mansions Spiritual Centre, 180 Beach Bld
Kitchener Men of Mission Tuesdays 7 – 9 PM Open 116 Queen St N Andrew Heubner
London See That Man First Thursday 7-10 PM Closed Church of St. Jude 1537 Adelaide Street North,
London, Ontario, N5X 1K6
Henk Ketelaars +1 (519) 6728469
London Spirit Walkers Third Thursday 7-10 PM Church of St. Jude 1537 Adelaide Street North,
London, Ontario, N5X 1K6
Henk Ketelaars
Thunder Bay Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship 4:30 Pm 1st Wed of month Open 129 Algoma St S Jim Bishop 807-767-5297
Toronto Magic Carpet Thursdays 7 – 9 PM Closed 210 Princess Blvd Kevin Fell
Toronto Catacomb Warriors 27 King’s College Cir Eduardo Gutierrez
Waterloo Grand Visions Thursdays 7 – 9 PM Open/Closed Alternating Weeks 96 Dunbar Rd S

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